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John and the Michellettes:
John Michell Memorial Lecture, hosted by Christine Rhone

Master, Giant, Avatar, Guru, Teacher or Father; It doesn't matter how you describe John Michell, his importance was overwhelming to all who regarded themselves as a disciple, student or child of his work. He was a staggering influence over us all and in this talk, Michael will focus on the achievements of a handful of people whose work could not have existed without the example set by John Michell.


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Michael Glickman visited his first crop circle in 1990 after which he remarked that “he never got out”. A former architect, inventor and teacher, Michael brings a wealth of practical experience to the crop circle subject. However, in his more than twenty years of involvement with the crop circles, he has also made a veritable art-form of the deconstruction of crop circle designs to better understand their symbolism and their geometric properties. As a result, his work on the geometry of the circles is respected throughout the crop circle research community worldwide. Often outspoken, sometimes controversial, but always with asharp wit, he is a renowned and inspirational speaker and writer; he has long occupied a central space at the heart of research into thisphenomenon.Michael has writtenmanyarticles on the crop circles including key contributions to the once great Cereologist magazine. His book, Crop Circles (1996) is published by Wooden Books and is now in its third revised edition. He is also author of Cornography (2007) and most recently Crop Circles: The Bones of God (2009). He spoke at the first ever Megalithomania in 2006 about the spatial relationship between megaliths & crop formations, and his talk can be downloaded here. This website is the latest incarnation of his work that will bring his informed comment to the global community of the world-wide-web: www.michaelglickmanoncropcircles.com



The 2013 Megalithomania conference took place on the 18th - 19th May at the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury. Filmed and edited by Gary King and Liam Bauckham.