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In June this year we got to see Gobekli Tepe twice and visited the unexcavated Karahan Tepe, the sister site to Gobekli. It is at least 10,500 years old and consists of T-shaped pillar, with serpent carvings. Karahan Tepe also has a massive 18ft T-shaped pillar still in the quarry, similar to the 22ft one at Gobekli Tepe. See Karahan video here and Gobekli Tepe video here. Both sites are similar in style and function, but Karahan has unusual serpentine avenues leading up the hill. It has yet to be excavated, hence the tops of the tall pillars protrude from the surface, while a potentially huge temple exists right under our feet within the hill. Andrew Collins and our group of Megalithomaniacs thoroughly explored the site and ended up having tea with the family who oversee the area! We will revisit there in September to explore further. We hope you can join us, as we may discover something new. It is 60,000 square metres after all. See full details of the upcoming tour here: www.megalithomania.co.uk/edentour2014.html

I am writing a series of articles for 'Ancient Origins' about the secrets of the megalithic quarries. The first one is about Gobekli Tepe, and the second one looks at a new 1000 ton block that has been discovered in the quarry at Baalbek.

Andrew Collins and I are also proud to announce the ancient mysteries event of the year - the Origins 2014 conference to be held in London on Saturday, November 15th and Sunday, November 16th. The Saturday conference will feature presentations from Professor Irving Finkel ("The Ark Before Noah"), Robert Temple (The Sirius Mystery Revisted), Brien Foerster via Skype from Peru (The Mystery of the Long Headed Elites, and the latest DNA Evidence on the Paracas Skulls), Manjir Samanta Laughton ("Black Holes and the Origins of Civilization"), Hugh Newman ("The Megalithic Giants: The Lost History of a Forgotten Race"), and Andrew Collins ("Rise of the Human Hybrids and the Mysteries of Göbekli's sister site, Karahan Tepe"). Venue is, as for Origins 2013, Steiner House, London NW1. Basic tickets are £48, plus there is an optional London Walkabout around the British Museum on the Sunday. For all details and to register immediately: www.andrewcollins.com/page/conference/origins2014.htm

Join us for one extraordinary weekend of lectures, news and revelations, and a chance to share views and ideas with others on the quest of discovery. Please note. There are no plans this year to live stream the event, so the only way to experience it will be by being there live on the day. Remember also that last year's Origins 2013 conference sold out completely, so don't miss out. Register now.

We are also delighted to announce a very special tour in early September to the area around the traditional Garden of Eden site in Turkey, with an add-on to the superb rock-carved temples of Petra, Jordan. Full details are outlined here. Anyway, we look forward to seeing you fellow Megalithomaniacs on one of our expeditions this year and wish you all well.

Hugh Newman - Megalithomaniac

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Grodzisko Żydowska Górka - Rogoźno

. Hillfort in Wielkopolskie. The early medieval grodzisko (remains of the earth-and-wooden stronghold) is located just north of town of Rogoźno, on the right bank of the Wełna river.

Castle Howe (Little Langdale)

. Hillfort in Cumbria. Castle Howe is a small volcanic "lump" guarding Wrynose Pass and has been interpreted as a small settlement / hill fort from the Iron Age or possibly earlier. Wrynose has probably been a trackway since Neolithic times and would have been an important route to connecting the west coast via the Duddon Valley and Great Langdale where the axe factories are located.

Petroglyph Provincial Park (Ontario)

. Rock Art in Ontario.The carvings, some 900 of them, are protected under a modern purpose built shelter. Commonly known as the "rocks that that teach" they are the largest known single concentration of Aboriginal rock art in Canada. Thought to have been the work of an Algonquin speaking group the origins are uncertain although they are thought to predate the arrival of Europeans in North America.

Göbekli Tepe

Prof Klaus Schmidt, Göbeklitepe pioneer dies age 61, and a new study shows Neolithic Near East more fertile than today. See the latest comments on our page. Ancient Temple in South Eastern Turkey, on the Harran plain towards Syria near one of the Euphrates arms. Ancient Late Pre Pottery Neolithic B temple site dated to 9,000 BC and apparently abandoned when the water supply dried up.


. Remains of ancient settlement in Tell (mound) south of Şanlıurfa, Turkey. It is mentioned in the bible as the city where Terah settled on his departure from Ur and from where Abraham set out on from on his way to Canaan, among others.


See Anne Tate's site visit log for more of her recent visits, or start your own log of sites you have visited, or would like to.. We know this Northumberland stone circle as either: Davy's Lee Stone Circle, King's Crag Stone Circle or Haughton Common Stone Circle, rather than Simonburn Stone Circle, although the Grid Reference is the same. Having spotted a group of features that looked interesting: Davy's Lee Settlement, Davy's Lee Stone Circle and various tumuli, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and walk to this area.