KATE MASTERS - Megaliths of Orkney and Shetland + Interview

MastersKate explores the best of a diverse range of sites around the almost pristine archaeological environments of Orkney and Shetland. Shetland alone has over 5000 registered archaeological sites. Kate discusses the exciting new discoveries in Orkney which will potentially turn our known approach to the Prehistoric archaeology of Britain on its head.

When the finger points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger. Is there evidence to suggest that a priesthood of archeoastronomers were masterminding projects on a vast scale? Just how far did their influence spread? Kate touches on sites such as Staneydale Temple, Maeshowe, Skara Brae, The Stones of Stenness, The Ring of Brodgar and more.

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Kate Masters is an artist with a life-long obsession with sacred sites, and she has worked on these themes in her art for many years. This led her in 2007 to renovate a sixteenth century barn in the Mayenne in France, which has prompted a particular interest in this unexplored region. In 2008 she gave a talk about the megaliths of that area, but since moving to Edinburgh, Kate has been exploring northern Scotland and the outer islands that hold some of the most impressive megalithic sites on the planet. Her ancestors hail from the Glastonbury area, and she has co-led tour groups along the ridgeway with her father. Kate also coordinates the Megalithic Art Gallery at Megalithomania every year.

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