With Glenn & Cameron Broughton, Hugh Newman and special guests

IMPORTANT: You must either sign-up for the Dartmoor Tour on Wednesday 16th (which leaves from Glastonbury 8am), or make your own way to meet the coach at Dartmoor at 6pm. We will be returning to Glastonbury via Dartmoor on way back on 20th May.

Join us for a unique tour, inspired by John Michell's classic book, The Old Stones of Land's End.

Spend 4 nights in a beautiful B&B near Land’s End, visiting Carn-les-Boel, Holy wells, Fogous, Stone Circles, Menhirs and St. Michael’s Mount, plus The Hurlers and Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor. Includes dowsing the Michael/Mary Lines and Apollo/Athena lines crossing points, with your hosts Glenn and Cameron Broughton and Hugh Newman. Tour includes 4-nights at Rosemerryn B&B with ancient 'Fogue' on-site, coach travel, expert guidance, optional dowsing classes and more. Breakfasts and two dinners also included. Price based on two people sharing. See other 2012 tours here

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Weds 16th May
Travel up from Dartmoor for early evening arrival at Rosemerryn B&B at Lamorna in West Penwith, Cornwall. Boleigh fogou (underground passage/chamber) is in the grounds to which we will have free access at all times. Dinner at Rosemerryn

Thur 17th May
Start day with visit to Carn-les-Boel where the Michael & Mary energy currents first come ashore. There are two node points (where Mary & Michael cross) in this part of Cornwall and the other one is on St Michael’s Mount. Carn-les-Boel is on the headland at Nanjizal Bay, south of Lands End and there are stunning clifftop views over the ocean from here. We will dowse the energy currents and make a personal connection to them.

We then visit Boscawen-un stone circle, regarded by many as one of the most intact and energetic stone circles in Britain. The ancient Druids held one of their three annual gorsedds here showing the importance they places on it. Lots of interesting things for dowsers to detect here. This is a good place for a picnic lunch weather permitting. Nearby is the massive lone standing stone called the Blind Fidler, a powerful outlier from Boscawen-un. Mary passes through both sites. Then we’ll visit Sancreed Holy Well, the most atmospheric of all the Cornish holy wells. The water is accessed down some steps into a small wellhead chamber lined with stones covered in luminous moss. Just across the lane is Sancreed Beacon, one of the original beacon hills where festival fires would have been lit, especially at Beltane. To stand on the hilltop and envision the energy travelling all the way along the St Michael leyline thru such places as St Michael’s Mount, the Hurlers, Brentor, Glastonbury, Avebury, Royston cave and Bury St Edmund’s Abbey all the way to the east coast, is an awesome experience. Free-choice dinner locally

Fri 18th May
Visit to the Merry Maidens stone circle, a beautiful small circle much beloved by locals. This circle is connected to the Michael energy current by a smaller energetic tributary. Close by is the Pipers menhir. We then hope to be able to visit/dowse the new stone circle created by Hamish and Ba Miller at the foot of Trencrom Hill through which the Athena energy current passes. After lunch we’ll visit the remarkable St Michael’s Mount. We will try to time our visit so that we walk the causeway one way and catch the boat back at high tide. We will go round into the private gardens on the eastern side where the Michael & Mary and Apollo & Athens lines all cross at a single node point. Like Glastonbury Tor, this prominent natural hill must have acted as a beacon to spiritual pilgrims for millennia. Free-choice dinner out in Penzance

Sat 19th May
Carn Euny is a fine example of an iron age settlement although evidence was found of Neolithic use at the site. Nine stone huts have been excavated and a 20 metre long fogou. Carn Gluze cairn, otherwise known as Ballowall Barrow, was a large cairn located in a stunning location overlooking the ocean. We can gain access inside the cairn which nolonger has a roof. Men-an-tol holed stone has long had a reputation for offering healing to those who crawl through the doughnut-shaped stone. With a standing stone placed either side of the holed stone its uncertain if there were originally other stones present.
Lanyon Quoit is a classic dolmen with three uprights and a flat capstone, whereas Zennor Quoit has seven uprights still forming a chamber with the massive roof slab slipped and leaning against one side of the quoit. Final dinner at Rosemerryn

Sun 20th
On our way back up country we’ll stop on Bodmin Moor to visit the three stone circles known as the Hurlers and the neighbouring Cheesewring. There is a node point of the Mary and Michael currents at one of the stone circles and we can check out the energy of each as well as say goodbye to our energetic friends with whom we’ve been playing for the last few days. A short walk away across the open moor is the remarkable pile of massive stones known as the Cheesewring. Are they a product of natural weathering or was some superhuman power employed to place the enormous rocks on top of one another? Return home happy! Back in Glastonbury at 4 or 5pm.