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ANDREW GOUGH - The Hidden Hive of History + Interview

GoughThe Hidden Hive of History is about the forgotten god of the ancients: the sacred honey bee. Andy’s talk explores a sacred tradition that has existed for over 100 million years. Sadly, the honey bees survival has been threatened by modern man, and its once hallowed legacy has been vanquished in the honeycomb of time. The Hidden Hive of History is an fascinating talk about a god who lived amongst the dinosaurs and who was venerated by every epoch in history. Those who embraced its many life affirming offerings flourished. Those who didn’t perished. This god was known to the Mayans as the ‘saviour god’, although most ancient lands venerated it as a goddess; equal to, if not more revered than, the Mother Goddess. The Egyptians bestowed the title of their Kings with its name and used the god’s image in their cartouches. The Greeks believed that their leaders were kissed on the lips by the god at birth, and dedicated their most sacred temple and Oracle in its honour. His talk will reveal new insights into Atlantis, the fabled labyrinth of Knossos, the Sphinx, as well as the genesis of religion, politics, the illuminati, and the mysterious seafarers whose hallucinogenic concoctions enabled them to become the drug lords of the ancient world, and rulers of souls in the afterlife.

Andrew Gough DVD + Interview
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Andrew is Chairman of The Rennes Group, Europe’s longest running research society dedicated to the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, and former Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences. He has also made significant contributions to the bestselling books, The Dan Brown Companion and the The Ancient Code, where he writes about the Sacred Honey Bee. Andrew is an experienced TV presenter has made several documentaries, including the soon to be released, The Truth Behind King Arthur for National Geographic. He also stars in the Warner Brothers esoteric thrillers, The Stone and Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn, each of which are released in 2011. www.andrewgough.com

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