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Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author of Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia’s Sacred Sites (2008); co-author of Giants On Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files with Jim Vieira (2015), Stone Circles (2017) and is published in three 'Ancient Origins' e-books. He has been a regular guest on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants and has been on the BBC, Sky TV, Bosnian TV and is currently involved in Megalithic Odyssey (UK), Road 2 Ruins (US) and Ancient Tomorrow (US) documentary projects. He is a video producer who publishes regular films of his worldwide explorations at www.youtube.com/MegalithomaniaUK. He has articles published in Atlantis Rising (US), New Dawn (Australia), Nexus (UK/AUS), Mindscape (UK), Heretic (UK), World Explorers Magazine (US), The Circular (UK), The Leyhunter (UK) and on websites such as www.ancient-origins.net and www.grahamhancock.com. As well as organising the annual Megalithomania conferences and tours, he co-organises the Origins Conference in London with Andrew Collins and has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia, Cambodia, Java and North America. He currently lives in Wiltshire, England. 

£5.99 UK, $11.60 US by Hugh Newman - 64 pages. Wooden Books, 2017.

What are stone circles? When were they built, and why? How come so many of them egg-shaped, or geometrically flattened? What do they have to do with the landscape, Sun, Moon and stars? In this beautifully illustrated book, megalithomaniac Hugh Newman takes us on a fascinating journey around the world, examining these mysterious monuments of the megalithic culture from Wessex to Scotland, France to Poland, North America to Africa and India to Japan.

GIANTS ON RECORD - America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files
£14.99 UK, $22.99 US by Jim Vieira & Hugh Newman - 420 pages & Kindle. Avalon Rising Publications, 2015.

Over a 200-year period thousands of newspaper reports, town and county histories, letters, photos, diaries, and scientific journals have documented the existence of an ancient race of giants in North America. Extremely tall skeletons ranging from 7 feet up to a staggering 18 feet tall have been reportedly uncovered in prehistoric mounds, burial chambers, caves, geometric earthworks, and ancient battlefields. Strange anatomic anomalies such as double rows of teeth, horned skulls, massive jaws that fit over a modern face, and elongated skulls have also been reported. Many of these discoveries were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., never to be heard about again. The Smithsonian's own records describe at least 17 giant skeletons in annual reports. This book examines a possible cover-up initiated by Smithsonian scientists starting in the late 1800s. The origins of “the tall ones” has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, but this book reveals where they came from, why they got so large, and the reason for their downfall, using the latest scientific research, genetic data, native myths, news reports, and ethnological research.

"Jim and Hugh have put together what is by far the best compilation of everything that is known about the reports of 'giant' skeletons recovered in America from the 1700s to the late 1900s. Giants on Record is a well organized, logical, and thoroughly researched book." - Dr. Greg Little, author of Path of Souls.

EARTH GRIDS: The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites
£5.99 UK, $8.99 US by Hugh Newman - 64 pages. Wooden Books, 2008.

Is there a geometrical energy system that surrounds our planet? ... a super grid involving polyhedral forms, ley lines, earth energy currents and astronomical alignments? Prehistoric maps reveal that the ancients were surveying the Earth in the distant past and there is good evidence that our ancestors were up to something we have long forgotten. From ET flight-paths to anti-gravity, the grid has many astonishing claims attached to it. This book unravels the many theories to give an overview of this incredible subject.

"This book is a godsend. there is nothing like it out there, and it is not just a compilation of hard-to-find information on Earth grids; there is also some information you won't find anywhere else, plus the most stunning graphics. Some of these graphics were produced using John Martineau's (the editor's) new software that also calculates distances on the Earth's surface, between grid points, allowing new amazing coincidences to emerge. The book is crammed with thought-provoking facts that keep the mind buzzing for days after reading it." - Geoff Stray, author of Mayan & other Ancient Calendars


October 1st - 16th
Delegates Gathering and Cruise with Nassim Haramein, Hugh Newman + more

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November/December 2017
with Robert Bauval, Brien Foerster
and Hugh Newman

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January 15th-28th 2018
with Jim Vieira, Brien Foerster
and Hugh Newman
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March 5th-18th 2018
with Andrew Collins, Brien Foerster, Hugh Newman
, Yousef & Patricia
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March 18th - 22nd 2018
with Andrew Collins, Brien Foerster, Hugh Newman
, Yousef & Patricia
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November 4th 2017
with Andrew Collins, Michael Cremo, Alan Butler, Jim Vieira + more

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Hugh's Upcoming Events Calendar 2017 - 2018

Megalithomania Conference, Glastonbury, May 20th-21st
Origins of Civilization Armenia/Georgia Tour. June 1st-11th
Network of Leyhunters Moot, West Wales. June 17th-20th
Awake & Aware Conference, London, June 24th - 25th
Green Gathering, Wales. August 3rd - 6th
Open Mind Conference, Denmark. September 16th-17th
Ancient Egypt - Resonance Academy. October 1st - 16th

Origins Conference. London. November 4th
Peru, Bolivia & Lake Titicaca Tour. Nov 19th- December 6th
Ancient Mexico Maya & Olmec Tour. January 2018
Ancient Egypt & Baalbek Tour - March 2018
Megalithomania Conference - Glastonbury, May 12th-13th 2018
Contact in the Desert - Palm Springs, USA, May 31st-June 3rd
ARE Ancient Mysteries Conference - Virginia Beach, Oct 4th - 7th

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The Wandlebury Enigma: Earth Mysteries of Cambridgeshire and Essex
Stone Age Survival: Earth Energies,
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Ancient America: The Megaliths of New England
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The Megalithic Giants
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Earth Grids & the Enchantment of the Landscape
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Earth Grids & the Serpent Elite
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