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The video we edited about the housing proposal near Larkhill military base, that is directly on the viewing line of the Summer Solstice sunrise from Stonehenge, went viral and petitions were signed, emails were sent to the MOD, and it helped stop this oversight from happening. Since then we have come across more sites under threat. In Jordan, hundreds of Dolmens are being neglected and could vanish within a few years due to a stone quarry getting very close to their location. You can watch a video on it here and please sign the petition here. A stone circle near Swindon, Wiltshire is also under threat. The Coate Stone Circle is likely to be bulldozed soon, but Maria Wheatley and the locals are determined to celebrate the village while it still exists. Email Chris Hinton: chris.hinton@fsmail.net for further details, and how you can help. We have uploaded several new videoes to our Youtube channel too. See a report from Tonga over in the right column and check out this excellent lecture from Robin Heath, filmed in 2012. subscribe here

My article that appeared in New Dawn Magazine in January is now up on Graham Hancock's website, looking at the similarities between Gobekli Tepe and sites in Peru and Bolivia. It has a couple of new updates, so check it out here. I also got interviewed on the same subject by April Holloway of www.ancient-origins.net website, and you can watch that here. Lastly, there are some interesting conferences coming up over the next few months. on May 16th-17th at the George Hotel, Amesbury, I'll be doing a lecture on the Saturday on my megalithic research alongside some great bands and other speakers. Full details here. The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group is holding their final conference at Marlborough College on 5th-6th July. Its a great venue, with some fascinating speakers. Get your tickets here. We are also about to launch a very special tour in early September to the area around the traditional Garden of Eden site, with an add-on to the superb rock-carved temples of Petra, Jordan. Keep an eye on the website for that announcement that is coming very soon.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our expeditions this year.

Hugh Newman - Megalithomaniac

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"Thanks Hugh! great trip for those that like alternative traveling and the deeper story to humanities history"- Jennifer Stein
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Dolmen de la Gutina

. A dolmen in very good condition and in within walking distance of both Espolla and Vilartoli villages (Cataluña)

Micropasts - help research over 30,000 Bronze Age tools and weapons

. A new joint project by the British Museum and the UCL Institute of Archaeology is seeking online contributions from 'members of the public' [sic - ugh] to enhance a major British Bronze Age archive and artefact collection.

Sardegna - Spirit of an Ancient Island

An exhibition starting 7th June 2014 - we have an exclusive preview. Sardegna, the Spirit of an Ancient Island - The Art and Architecture of the Pre-Nurgagic and Nuragic Cultures is a new exhibition (with accompanying book) opening on June 7th in the new Giovanni Lilliu Center in Barumini, Sardinia. Barumini is home to the World Heritage Site and Nuraghe of Su Nuraxi. Images from the exhibition will also be on show in the UNESCO building in Paris from May 20th.

Paddaggiu Nuraghe

. Nuraghe in Sardinia (Sardegna). Nuraghe Paddaggiu is the best preserved nuraghe in Castelsardo. Originally it was a complex nuraghe, but only its main tower survived in good condition, the bastion is mostly destroyed. Inside the tower there is an intact tholos chamber with three niches and an intra-mural staircase which opens left of the entrance. The tower reaches 8.50m of height and has 11m in diameter.

Heidetränk Oppidum

. Hillfort in Hesse, near Frankfurt. There is a 4.3km circular walking route with interpretive panels along the way. Artifacts from this site and others in the area are in the Vortaunus Museum.

Île Carn

After failing to get to this remarkable 6500 year old site during my 2005 tour de France due to the tidal situation, this is one site I have really wanted to revisit. At last, after almost 9 years, I have paid pilgrimmage to this island, and it was well worth the wait and effort. Mindblowing. So, to start, here are a couple of pictures thought suitable for Eastertime / temps de Pâques. Remarkable large round cairn with three chambers, just offshore on this little island reachable at low tide.