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Welcome to megalithomania

A big thank you to all those that attended the 2017 Megalithomania Conference on 20th - 21st May. It was a rollicking success and we very much look forward to seeing you next year. Dates coming soon!

Join us in November in London at the Origins Conference with a fantastic line-up of speakers, followed by an exclusive tour around the British Museum on the Sunday. Details here.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you fellow Megalithomaniacs on one of our expeditions or conferences this year and wish you all well.


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"So was Megaltihomania worth the trip? Too right it was! Once again Hugh and his crew gave us a weekend of education, re-evaluation and entertainment"
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"Thanks Hugh! great trip for those that like alternative traveling and the deeper story to humanities history"- Jennifer Stein
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Avebury Down barrow cemetery

The Living with Monuments Project currently excavating at the foot of Avebury Down, see the links in our comments for the dig diary and more. Avebury Down, to the east of the West Kennet Avenue contains a number of round barrows - some in clusters, others solitary.

The Wainstones

This group of rock outcrops of spectacular shapes dominates the area immediately north of the North York Moors National Park. The outcrops themselves are not decorated, but around them there are many rock art panels.

Tout Quarry Sculpture Park Stone Circle

This modern stone circle (more of a 'cove' of stones, I suggest) at Portland's Tout Quarry Sculpture Park on Portland Bill in Dorset was officially opened on June 21st 2017. Also a modern stone row (see nearby sites).

Bocan Stone Circle

Recent damage to Bocan Stone Circle, photographed and reported by Diana Redig. The Bocan Stone Circle in Co.Donegal is a large despoiled ring-cairn with seven massive stones still erect in the east. Two stones larger than the rest mark the entrance. The alignment of the circle is E/W, the peaks of Sliabh Sneacht and the three Paps of Jura visible in the distance may have been used to create this imaginary line.

City of the dead on River Chegem

Eltyubyu is an ancient Balkarian settlement located in the mountains of the Caucasus in a very picturesque place. In our time it became known because of the monument of antiquity, located near the village and called "City of the Dead". Also, thanks to him, the village was declared a miracle of Russia in 2009. It is located in the picturesque Chegem gorge, through which many years ago one of the roads of the great silk road passed.

Long Meg And Her Daughters

Some lovely drone aerial photos from Iain P and Stonesy. Stone circle and standing stone in Cumbria. This is an amazing Bronze Age site covering quite a large area. The stones are placed in a flattened oval 100 by 93 metres, and there were originally about seventy. Today there are fifty-nine, twenty-seven of them still standing.